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How do you get artwork to us?

The easiest is to e-mail


Next would be to mail to us


4742 Liberty Road South #155

Salem, OR  97302

Have it scanned in by: commercial print shop, Kinko’s, etc.

Give me a call and we can talk about options

503-999-4809 or 1-877-TLR-MADE


What file formats can I send?

We accept any PC format.

.tiff, .raw, .bmp, .gif, .psd, .eps, .jpg, .pdf are common


How big a file for my artwork?

Size does matter even on a smaller job.

The bigger the better

300ppi or higher.

Unsure?  Send us what you have, let us worry about it.


Original has problems?

We like a challenge

Lets take a look


Will my original and finished product be exactly the same?

With-in reason

The biggest being the difference in monitors or substrates (the tile, paper, glass)

It needs to be understood that the special inks/dyes used in the color reproduction are subject to very high temperatures in  the pressure vessel or kilns that are used to bake the final product, so there are times when certain colors will have a slight variation in hues from the original picture


Can I see the quality before ordering?

You bet, let us know


Where can’t these tiles be used?

With our different production processes, there isn’t a “can’t” only a “can”

Contact us and we will tell you what can happen


Will my tile scratch or the image wear off?

Our Dye Transfer tiles are very durable and scratch resistant. With recommended care and cleaning, the tile

surface will not scratch or wear off.

The Ceramic Transfer that we use is the ultimate in durability.


How do I clean my tile?

We recommend cleaning the tile with a non-abrasive cleaner such as Simple Green, Windex, or regular

dish washing liquid. 

Products to be avoided are scouring pads, products containing acid, Comet, Ajax, and other abrasive cleansers that

may damage the surface of any tile


What if a tile breaks?

We will replace it for free

Shipping damage, or if you manage to break it, doesn’t matter

Send an e-mail or call and another will be shipped out, Simple as that

When you order the same tile a third time, we might start to catch on


How do I know where each tile goes on my Mural?

What? You don’t like puzzles?

Each tile is marked on the back with a location number

That’s also the number we need for replacements


Will you also install my Mural?

Installation is not included in the material cost.  But…..

We are licensed and bonded as a general contractor in Oregon and can arrange to have it installed.  

We take all the responsibility as the need arises.

Dependent on the project size, we will supervise placement with whoever is installing


         How do I install my own Mural?

         Have you installed tile before?  

         With the same level of skill used to install ordinary tile you can, however, the consequence of a mistake on a large

         mural can be much more costly! 

         It may be better to use a professional, unless you are confident in your skill level. 

         Again, we will supervise placement no matter who is installing


Do you do memorial photo tiles for headstones?

We are glad to do them

On our examples page is a before and after of a photo from 1935, it is a memorial


All our products are custom and begin with a conversation. 

So I welcome emails no matter the size of your project to start a dialogue.

Let me know what you are considering




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Tailor-Made Homes, LLC

Mailing: 4742 Liberty Road South #155, Salem  OR  97302

Cell: 503-999-4809




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