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What Do We Do?

We take any photo, graphic or artwork of yours and produce a variety of products, size and quantity are not limitations.  You can turn your images into long lasting one-of-a-kind custom art.  Have an idea but don't have the image? we can locate images for you to select from.  Old photograph?  Touch-ups are always included in our process.  Always Tailor-Made to your need and the final product application.

How Do We Do It?

Once you have determined what you want us to produce the fun (for us) begins.  The image is modified using our digital technology and broken down into the individual size.  Then the images are printed into the proper media (we call this our transfer) using either dye or ceramic pigments.  The transfer is allowed to dry for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, again dependent on the final product you want us to produce.  The transfer is then placed individually by hand.  The final process involves pressure, heat and time.  These can vary greatly depending on the final product, some may only take a few minutes at a few hundred degrees and others are cooked at well in excess of a thousand degrees for an overnight bake.  

How Long To Complete?

It all depends on the; final product, size and the quantity. A few days for a smaller project would be normal and a few weeks for a large mural with a sample produced prior to completion.


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Tailor-Made Homes, LLC

Mailing: 4742 Liberty Road South #155, Salem  OR  97302

Cell: 503-999-4809



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